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Family tripswith online travel agency webook.ch

Family trips

As parents, we know exactly what families look for when they travel. That’s why we can give families the best advice, even when it comes to long distance travel.

Travel for seniors with online travel agency webook.ch


Seniors have different needs when travelling. At the same time, they are often already very well travelled and want something special. With our knowledge we offer this also for 65+.

Solo trips with online travel agency webook.ch

Alone travelers

As an unaccompanied traveller, you pay attention to other things than when you travel accompanied. Safety, other people travelling alone and a pinch of adventure are required.

Travel for couples with online travel agency webook.ch


Should it be romantic or adventurous? Or preferably both? We can do it! We know where couples feel most comfortable.

Vacations Single with child, online travel agency webook.ch

Single with child

As a single with a child, one quickly feels disadvantaged when it comes to prices. We know which hotels consider singles with children.

webook.ch - Reisen aus Leidenschaft Travelagent Webook

webook.ch - Reisen aus Leidenschaft

Wir kümmern uns um Ihre Reise. Ganz persönlich. webook.ch ist ein unabhängiges Online-Reisebüro. Wir beraten Sie persönlich vor, während und nach der Reise. Wer wir sind, sehen Sie auf unserer Team-Seite. webook.ch GmbH ist Mitglied der TPA Association, über die Ihre Kundengelder bei Pauschalreisen abgesichert sind.

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